1. a piece on tour gifts

    someone recently messaged me asking what gifts a band might enjoy from fans while on tour and i thought it was a great opportunity to shed some light on the subject. personally, of the gifts i’ve received, i preferred the gift cards to places like subway or starbucks. these are not my favorite places. i dislike mostly everything about these places but because driving through america on tour, theseare usually your only decent options. this fact, to some, can be one of the most annoying things about touring and not having to spend tour income on this inevitability lessens the blow and getting to use the gift card from you, the fan, is a nice reminder of why we, the band, would subject ourselves to this “unconventional” lifestyle. additionally, getting to pick what and when you eat is significantly better than being faced with the daunting task of eating 50 unhealthy brownies before they go bad in 3 or 4 days. bands are already unhealthy enough, no more dessert please. if you still want to gift food, make it something they can throw in the van then open, share and finish in one sitting without creating a big mess. again, healthier options preferred. some delicious nuts or seeds might be nice, unsalted of course. no more chips or candy please, gas stations are full of those things. tea is also a good option, throat coat is cool but nothing beats a cup of chamomile to calm your nerves on the 8th hour of a 12 hour drive to the next destination. well maybe one or 2 things could beat it. other gifts like arts and crafts are very thoughtful but have almost no chance of surviving more than a few hundred miles before they’re unrecognizable due to the chaotic nature of the van, so keep that in mind. finally and most importantly, the best way to support the artists you love is by going to their shows, buying their stuff and sharing their work with everyone you think might enjoy it. thanks for reading.

    writers note: the last tour i did, i brought a cooler so i could bring fresh foods on long drives and it worked great, so forget what i said about the gift cards to corporate conglomerates. damn the man!


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    If you come to Vancouver BC ill bring you lots of tea bags~
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    Boys in bands and the fans who love them.
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